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Dreams and the dreaming: out-of-body awareness and the legacy of Jung and Steiner

Dr. Kay Thomas

In this symposium I want to show how Jung and Steiner both came to understand their own 'dreaming' consciousness. This is the same consciousness that Indigenous Australians describe as their 'dreamtime'. This dreaming consciousness, which I call 'out-of-body awareness', was common to all our remote human ancestors prior to written history, and still plays a vital role in bringing us health, insight and enlightenment. Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner were fellow Austrians born around the same time who understood the significance of this dream-time awareness. They were mystics with a deep interest in the future wellbeing of humanity. Both left an enormous legacy that goes far beyond psychotherapy, in education, agriculture, and, above all, to our spiritual understanding. They had an understanding that dreams opened the portals of spiritual enlightenment by enabling individuals to grow in understanding of themselves and their connection to the universe. The dream-time consciousness known to Australian Indigenous people (described in 'Dark Sparklers', by Bill Yidumduma Harney and Jim Cairns, 2004) has many parallels with the dreaming consciousness described by Jung and Steiner, which we can explore further. Both Steiner and Jung showed us how we can monitor our spiritual progress in our dreams as Jung did in his description 'On Life after Death'.

24-28 August 2011 Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Australia.
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Kay Thomas
Kay Thomas
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VideoDreams and the dreaming: out-of-body awareness and the legacy of Jung and SteinerKay Thomas13'31"
icon pdf.gifDreams and the dreaming: out-of-body awareness and the legacy of Jung and SteinerKay Thomas 
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icon pdf.gifDreams and the dreaming: out-of-body awareness and the legacy of Jung and Steiner (full text)Kay Thomas 

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Dr. Kay Thomas

Kay L. Thomas PhD. I was born in a small country town in 1949 in North Queensland. My father was a timber cutter and my mother a school teacher. I studied Social Work at the University of Queensland, sociology at the University of Copenhagen and completed a Doctorate researching the causes of low birthweight, using data from a longitudinal study from the Mater Hospital Brisbane. My earliest experience was in the mental health sector in Denmark, working with very talented and inspirational people. After returning to Australia in 1980, I again worked in mental health before teaching social work at the University of Queensland and (in my spare time) helping to set up (HACC- Home and Community Care) services for people looking after a loved one in the home. Services of this nature were very sparse across remote areas of the state. This organization has since become national – Carers Australia.
There was a significant reform of the Justice System by the Queensland State Government following the Fitzgerald Enquiry into police corruption in 1989. As Director of Crime Prevention Research at the Queensland University of Technology, I conducted evaluations for projects such as Queensland Police Service Police Beat Program and the Queensland Police Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Police Liaison Scheme. Again I found myself working with marvelous professionals on all sides. I received the Dean of Law's Award from Professor David Gardiner for Community Contribution to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Police Liaison Scheme.
I have also been very interested in research into schizophrenia and was privileged to know personally Professors Sarnoff Mednick (University of Southern California) and Matti Huttunen (Helsinki) who were pioneers in biomedical research into schizophrenia. In recent years I have become interested in different forms of consciousness, especially relating to the dreaming, how we experience alternative forms of consciousness throughout our lives and how this is related to forms of mental illness. I am now living in a small country town in Queensland engaged in writing, community work and education.
Recent Books:
Thomas, K.L., Out-of-Body Awareness, Prometheus Publishers, Helsinki, 2009.
Thomas, K.L., The Path of Life and of the Soul, Prometheus Publishers, Helsinki, 2010.
Sydney Conference Paper:
Dreams and the Dreaming: Out-of-Body Awareness and The Legacy of Jung and Steiner
Stockholm Paper:
Australian Indigenous People’s Dreaming Consciousness

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