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Introducing The BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device)

Dr. Frank Lawlis

Pioneered by G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., this patented technology is referenced in his latest books: The IQ Answer and The ADD Answer. The Lawlis Peavey Center diagnoses and uses the BAUD in their center for ADD, Depression, Phobias and anxieties. The BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device) has been registered with the FDA as class 2 accessory medical device to biofeedback programs. It is available with a prescription from a health care professional for those wishing to enhance their success for control of stress issues with mental and physical symptoms.

Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia. Annual Conference
Cognitive Enhancement, Neuromodulation and Neurodiagnostics.
Sydney Australia . August 12-14 2011
Visit ANSA at

Frank Lawlis
Frank Lawlis
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VideoIntroducing The BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device)Frank Lawlis44'24"
icon mp3.gifIntroducing The BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device)Frank Lawlis 

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Dr. Frank Lawlis

Dr. Lawlis has focused on clinical and research methods of the mind-body relationship since 1968 when he received his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in medical psychology and rehabilitation. He was awarded the Diplomate (A.B.P.P.) in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. He also received the status of Fellow from the American Psychological Association for his scientific contributions to the field of clinical psychology and behavioral medicine, as well as other awards for his pioneering research in this field.

Most recently Dr. Lawlis has taken on the exciting project to update the alcohol and drug dependency treatment with applications for brain plasticity. He has been assigned this task by Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, Texas, as Director of Psychology and Brain Plasticity. Based on consistent research which shows that addicts get better the longer they stay in treatment, regardless of what treatment they receive, lays support that the brain healing time is critical, so his focus is on increasing the healing potential of the healing through such opportunities as hyperbaric chambers, vitamin and anti-inflammatory approaches, breathing patterns, neuron-biofeedback, imagery, exercises, and sonic stimulation with music. He has already produced several CDs of sonic rhythms consistent with his work in PTSD that are available specific to this regard, along with applications from biofeedback, specific brain stimulation and musical stimulations. These models have been discussed in his book, Retraining the Brain.

Having served on five prestigious medical school faculties in the Departments of Psychiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, and Rehabilitation Medicine and five graduate psychology faculties, he has blazed new studies and approaches in the care of patients with chronic and acute pain, cancer and psychosomatic problems. The Medical Schools he served were New York Medical Center (1967-68), Texas Tech Medical School (1973-75), Universities of Texas Health Center (UTHC) at San Antonio (1975-76), UTHC at Dallas (1979-89) and Stanford Medical School (1991-93).

Dr. Lawlis has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles and chapters as well as four textbooks; Imagery and Disease (IPAT: Champaign, Ill., 1984), Bridges of the GFL Library

Bodymind (IPAT, 1980), Transpersonal Medicine (Shambhala Publ., Boston, 1996), The Mosby Textbook on Alternative Medicine (Mosby, 2001), The ADD Answer, The IQ Answer, Mending The Broken Bond, The Stress Answer, The Brain Power Cookbook, The Autism Answer and PTSD Breakthroughs.

In addition to his literature, Dr. Lawlis has published audio works available at MindBodySeries. Dr. Lawlis has developed programs for Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Sleep, ADD/ADHD and Creativity and demonstrated them on the Dr. Phil Show.

Dr. Frank Lawlis cofounded the Lawlis and Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center in PNP LogoLewisville Texas as a new innovation for psychological assessment wherein an individual would have a thorough medical-psychological-neurological-sociological-family dynamics evaluations during the same week. With the intensive focus approach, the multilayers of interactions can be addressed quickly and with less frustration and discouragement. Moreover, there would be a specific plan to redevelop brain functions and coordinate their sequencing such that even major challenges could be overcome within a quicker time frame. Through this process great steps have been taken to understand an individual's problems and to address all the issues during a finite time period.

Presently, Dr. Lawlis is serving a project called "Camp Better America" as an adviser and instructor. The mission of the program is to serve soldiers and their families as they reenter society from war and help in adjustment issues. The program has been supported by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Department of Defense.

Dr. Frank Lawlis has been Chief Content and Oversite Adviser as well as Chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and Member of the Dr. Phil and Robin Foundation since the DrPhil Logoinception of the show. He is responsible for evaluating potential show themes and guests to determine benefit of the concepts, consulting with Dr. Phil on various guests (often appearing on the shows themselves), and overseeing resources for the guests as they leave the show. Being a major force in the conception of the themes he interacts with every factor in the development with the shows.

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