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Culture and Countertransference in Trauma counselling with Refugees

Deborah Gould

 Assuming that a large part of what is therapeutic in individual counselling or psychotherapy relates to our ability to form and sustain an empathic connection with the client, this presentation aims to explore those issues that intrude on this process. This will be explored in the light of the complex interaction of cultural difference and refugee trauma and the impact of these dynamics on our capacity to be attuned to the client. These responses are seen in a framework of counter transference – the intersubjective process of a therapist responding not only to the present truth of the client, but also to what the client draws in us.

Conflict of Interest: None disclosed
Financial Support/Funding: None disclosed
Recorded at the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)
November 2007, New South Wales, Australia.
Visit STARTTS at :

Deborah Gould
Deborah Gould
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VideoCulture and Countertransference in Trauma counselling with RefugeesDeborah Gould26'28"

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Deborah Gould

Deb Gould is a Clinical Psychologist and clinical supervisor and has worked at STARTTS since 1998. She trained in South Africa as a General Nurse and Midwife before changing course, qualifying as a clinical psychologist in 1988. Prior to moving to Australia in 1998, she worked in academic and community settings in the Western Cape and Gauteng Province where she was Senior Clinical Psychologist at Community Paediatric Services. In her role as a therapist and clinical supervisor at STARTTS over the past 17 years, she has been involved in reflection on and treatment of a great number and variety of refugee clients. She draws inspiration, knowledge and skill from her colleagues and clients and hopes to impart some of this in her presentations. 


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