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Trauma, Acute stress disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Perspectives on Trauma, Acute stress disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

The Biology of Trauma: Implications for Treatment & PreventionRichard Bryant2007 
Psychoeducation as an integrative part of therapy with clients who suffer from PTSDIndira Haracic-Novic2007 
Strengthening clients’ capacities and sustainability by utilising Neurofeedback therapy in a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) symptomatologyGordana Hol-Radicic2007 
Polyvagal Theory II: Clinical implications (hyperacusis, new assessments, potential treatments for PTSD and autism)Stephen Porges2009 
Trauma seen as impairments to integration: The Nine DomainsDaniel J SiegelInterpersonal Neurobiology 
A Model of Complex Psychological TraumaRussell Meares2012 
Complex trauma: voices of healingDeborah Spermon2012 
The meaning of place and psycho-cultural border zones: reflections on migration, trauma, shame, legitimacy and identity.Amanda G. Dowd2013 
How many bodies are there in this room? An exploration of client & therapist embodiment & its impact on trauma recoveryShirley Hicks2014 
The impact of Trauma on a Couple RelationshipJacqueline McDiarmid2015 
Assessing and Treating Post Traumatic Disorder in Survivors of Sexual Assault according to the DSM-5Jackie Burke2015 
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Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma

The transgenerational transmission of trauma: Children of Holocaust survivorsMiriam Victory Spiegel 
Complicated grief in Bosnian refugees: Associations with PTSD and depression following ethnic Cleansing.Shakeh Momartin2011 
Dreams of healing: a clinical investigation of intergenerational transmission of trauma through dreamsJudith Pickering2012 
Applying an acculturation lens for better working with refugee families and communitiesAndre Renzaho2013 
We were like the audience: impacts on young adults who grew up in families with domestic violence and principles for psychotherapy with young adult survivorsIone Lewis2012 
The mother child relationship as trauma, trigger and treatment. Working with intergenerational relational trauma, neglect and abuse: theory and ideas for practiceJackie Amos2013 
Making Connections: working our way around the Dissociative Landscape in Psychotherapy with RefugeesDeborah Gould2016 
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Management of Trauma , Acute stress disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Physiotherapy with Torture and Trauma Survivors.Susan H Roxon2008 
Trauma and Chronic Pain: Integrating Positive Psychology approaches into biofeedback based Heart Rate Variability training; an overview.Tom Neser2008 
Jungle Tracks; road to recovery and reflection- a story telling approach to assist refugee children, adolescents and parents integrate and manage the distress related to bereavement, trauma, discrimination and stress induced by the refugee experience.Pearl Fernandes 2008 
Community level interventions in working with torture and trauma survivors - nexus between theory and practiceJasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward2007 
Christianity as framework in helping survivors of Trauma & Torture.Tshimanga Beya2009 
Psychoeducation as an integrative part of therapy with clients who suffer from PTSDIndira Haracic-Novic2007 
Multigenerational effects of traumaYael Danieli 
Complex Trauma and Dialectical Behavioural TherapyPeter King2010 
Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) with Torture and Trauma Clients at STARTTS (Case study)Gordana Hol-RadicicDialectic Behaviour Therapy 
Integration of EEG biofeedback in therapeutic work with torture and trauma survivorsMirjana AskovicNeuroscience 
Don't be fooled by painful memories, it is the traumatic memories that count.Kamal Touma2011 
Essentials of the Conversational ModelRussell Meares2012 
Medir la eficacia del tratamiento psicosocial que reciben las victimas de torturaHaydee Anton Sarmiento2012 
Neuroscience, psychotherapy and mindfulness.Geoff Dawson2012 
Utilising mindfulness and neuroscience: a case study of an Iranian refugee.Gordana Hol-Radicic2012 
Treating trauma in the 'age of the brain': trials and tribulations of a bio-psycho-social-cultural approach in the real worldJorge Aroche2012 
Working with survivors of torture and inhuman treatment-Georgia experienceLela Tsiskarishvilli2012 
A narrative inquiry: Sacred and poetic sensibilities in trauma therapyLesley Porter2012 
Case studies from GCRT of victims of war and other types of violenceNino Kiladze2013 
Vicarious traumatization: A necessary therapeutic toolGhislaine Boulanger2015 
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Complex traumatic disorder

Dissociative identity disorder - complex problems requiring complex approachesDavid Leonard2012 
ASCA's Practice Guidelines for treatment of complex trauma.Pam Stavropoulos2013 
Boundaries, caring and the Conversational Model: What can we do about complex trauma?George Lianos2013 
Does the form of abuse matter? The experience of physical pain and injury within developmental trauma.Catherine McGrath2014 
Getting it Together: working with relationships in the treatment of complex traumaAnita Vosper2015 
The Traumatised SelfMichael Williamson2016 
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Post Traumatic growth

Post-trauma meaning-making among South African survivors of different forms of traumaDebra Kaminer 
Posttraumatic growth among traumatized Somali refugees in HungaryAdrienn Kroo 
How does one find resources in a severely traumatized person, and why is that essential for posttraumatic growth?Peter Schröder 
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Predictors of PTSD

Age, memory and pain as predictors of PTSD, depression, anxiety in discharged patients.Paul Knight 
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Management of Childhood Trauma.

Interventions for children: Adapting the projective technique of sandplay for use in community based programsLinda HunterArt Therapy 
Short-term group intervention for newly arrived refugee children: Helping to rebuild children' lives after traumaCecilia Carranza 
Attachment, trauma and the impact of early life adversityPhilip Boyce2012 
Who do you trust? Engaging meaningfully with young men and boys.Gode Migerano2013 
How to open a can of worms: enquiry about past abuse - how and whyPhilip Benjamin2013 
From fragmentation to integration - a consumer perspectiveCathy Kezelman2013 
Soccer in recovery of young refugee torture and trauma survivorsMohamed Baaruud2013 
Shame shifting in action: Healing the scars of trauma after family violence.Kim Billington2013 
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Childhood trauma as a background of Mental Health

Trauma informed care.Pam Stavropoulos2013 
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Trauma in Infancy

Trauma and attachment in infancy.Bryanne Barnett2012 
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Trauma and Ageing

Trauma and Ageing:Impact of Aging on Survivors of the Nazi Holocaust.George Foster2011 
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Anger in Trauma

Trauma, anger and spirals of violence.Derrick Silove 
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Trauma as Loss

Traumatic grief: Issues and TreatmentJulie Dunsmore2011 
Research on trauma brought on by the disappearance of a childMario Malicki2013 
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Post War PTSD and Mental Illnesses

My war has not been finished yetMiodrag Milovanovic2012 
Narratives of lives interrupted by war: Re-establishing equilibrium and meaning post war.Karen Fagerstrom2012 
The recovery of mental health and human rights of victims of political violence in Peru and the work of CAPSErika Cuba2012 
From Sociotherapeutic group to returnee association 'Mramorje'Azra Arnautović2012 
Stress factors in post-soviet period 1989-2011Natalia Zazashvili2013 
Resilience and Refugee Trauma: From Research to Clinical InterventionsAngela Nickerson2014 
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Vicarious Trauma

Trauma and resilience Trauma from Katrina.Carol Tosone2012 
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Dangerous cities

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Collective trauma, a Public Health Issue

A public health model to translate risk factors related to collective violence and war into multilevel preventive and resilience oriented interventionsJoop de Jong 
Lateral violence and Indigenous peoples.Mick Gooda2012 
Why is SOMSTARTTS needed?Mohamed Baaruud2012 
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Dreams, Nightmares and Trauma

Processing traumatic memories in dreamsJoan Haliburn 
Trauma Sleep and NightmaresDelwyn Bartlett2011 
Healing traumatic nightmares using sandplay therapy.Adriana Seifertova2012 
The psychobiology of traumaRichard Bryant 
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Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD

Traumatic Brain Injury - Cognitive Impairment and PTSDAlexandra Walker2015 
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Trauma and Neuroscience

Frontal slowing as a protective mechanism in traumaMirjana AskovicNeuroscience 
Brain profiling in clinical and forensic practiceDonald Rowe2009 
Improving clinical outcomes of MTBI and PTSD ; identification of Neuromarkers for assessment and neuromodulation for treatmentRoger deBeus 
Approaching the back of the Head; Beta reset protocolSebern Fisher 
The neuroscience of psychotherapy : Simple and Complex PTSDLouis Cozolino2012 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 1 of 8John Arden2013 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 2 of 8John Arden2013 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 3 of 8John Arden2013 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 4 of 8John Arden2013 
Integration of neurofeedback in work with complex trauma. Presentation of a case study together with some findings on EEG/ERP research.Mirjana Askovic2013 
Using biofeedback techniques to enhance therapeutic responseElana Cohen2013 
The impact of trauma on brain development.Pieter Rossouw2013 
EEG for Multimodal TherapyMirjana Askovic2015 
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Personal Accounts

Responding to the needs of consumers with complex trauma histories a consumer perspectiveCathy Kezelman2012 
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