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The Practice of Psychotherapy

More about The Practice of Psychotherapy

Cultural issues in the practice of psychotherapy

The role of cultural differences in couples therapy: therapist's cultural competence and dynamics of cultural aspects in working with couplesEwa Stamper Maddox2011 
The adaptation of immigrant psychotherapists to the culture and psyche of their clients in the host country.Mark Thorpe2011 
Justice, religion, and healing: a Cambodian perspective.Gwynyth J. Overland2012 
Training Psychotherapists as Agents of Social JusticeCourtland Lee2015 
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Diagnosis and Formulation

Formulation, Conversation and Therapeutic EngagementAnthony Korner2009 
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Psychotherapy outcomes

The Clinical outcomes of long term psychotherapyMichael Williamson2007 
Healing or Curing - from the client and therapist's perspectivePetrea King2007 
Treatment adherence and outcome in psychotherapy.Peter Schulthless2012 
What does the evidence tell us about evidence-based practice?Robert King2013 
What works in Mental Health?Catherine Hungerford2013 
The Importance of Psychotherapists with regard to Treatment Outcome-Process and Outcome Study in a Naturalistic DesignPeter Schulthless2015 
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Healing in Psychotherapy

What happens within at the moment of healingNeville Symington2011 
Self reflection: dreaming oneself to be otherwisePhil Graham2012 
In search of true self- commonalities in chinese traditional painting and self psychologyRichard Wu2012 
Growth in the zone of proximal development: the system of self and otherAnthony Korner2015 
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How to and General advices on the Practice of Psychotherapy

Beginning Psychotherapy IV: The secure baseJoan Haliburn2006 
Transforming Inner into Outer: Or how a therapist goes about choosing what to reveal about his Inner Conversation.George Lianos2008 
Just donít do something, stand there! Immersion into experience is not a convenient stop on the way to real psychotherapyDavid Russell2008 
Diary as a Transitional ObjectJanine Stevenson2006 
Crappy TherapyTamara Mannetje2013 
The double-edged magnetic field: an innovative way to conceptualise and teach how therapeutic relationships are negotiated, contained or avoidedMark Thorpe2012 
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Storytelling in Counselling and Psychotheapy

Counselling and Storytelling - How did we get here?Suzanne Jenkins2012 
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The Therapeutical Relation

Development of a personality projective test: a king and his peopleE Zhang2012 
The role of Neurofeedback in the context of an agency wide, systemic approach to assist traumatised populations.Jorge Aroche2007 
Transference and Countertransference in the Conversational ModelGeorge Lianos2012 
Caring and Treatment in Psychotherapy.George Lianos2012 
The Conversational Model in context.Joan Haliburn2012 
On being a fast-paced dreamer: how therapist and patient dream and talk in the changing relationship of therapy.Catherine McGrath2012 
Boundaries in the therapeutic relationship.Janine Stevenson2012 
Therapists verbal communications in high and low therapeutic alliances.Reynel Chaparro2012 
Factors influencing continuance in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.Michael Green2013 
Nkisi Nkondi: The Trace of Transference in the Analytic RelationshipDavid Henderson2015 
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Feelings in psychotherapy

Phenomenology of FeelingAnthony Korner2011 
Vicarious Trauma and Self Care at The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS).Gordana Hol-Radicic2011 
Eros reclaimed: moving towards an embodied relational practiceLeanne O'Shea2012 
The Pain That Heals: Suffering and the Psychotherapeutic ProcessBenig Mauger2015 
Feeling, Self and Personal MythologyAnthony Korner2016 
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Metaphors in Psychotherapy

The use of metaphor in PsychotherapyCatherine Fraser2013 
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Co-therapists in the Practice of Psychotherapy

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Emerging concepts in psychotherapy

A Unified Theory of Change and Psychotherapy.John Franklin2008 
An integrative model of psychological change: New experiences and meanings of experiences (NEMES)Rebecca Coleman Curtis2012 
Mental health care: between reality transitar subjective, objective and shared - singular of the communityEmilia Afrange2012 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 1 of 8John Arden2013 
The future of psychotherapy: reflecting the way we live in our land.Roy A Bowden2013 
Therapeutic responses to trauma in mental health careopposing paradigms or opportunities?Sabin Fernbacher2013 
The Diathesis-Stress Reciprocal Moderation and Mediation ModelXudong Zhao2015 
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Mindfulness and the Therapist

Mindfulness Meditations for TherapistsAjahn Brahm2012 
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Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 2 of 8John Arden2013 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 3 of 8John Arden2013 
Rewiring the brain after Trauma: A Brain-Based Therapy approach. Part 4 of 8John Arden2013 
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Challenging concepts of Psychotherapy

Attachment theory in the context of the practice of psychotherapy: what it is, what it is not...Kevin Keith2012 
The universality of infant-parent psychotherapy - a South African modelAstrid Berg2012 
There is strength in diversity.Sarah Buila2012 
Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Effectiveness.Christina Nielsen2013 
The Process of Clinical Reasoning A Hierarchy of EngagementPhil Graham2014 
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The wider picture in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for the human family.Jonathan Fay2012 
Are we at all connected?Georgiana Antoce2012 
Southern PsychotherapiesKeith Tudor2012 
Professional Competencies of a European PsychotherapistPeter Schulthless2013 
Evidence-based practice: paradigm of the timesRafael S Harris2013 
Moving beyond 'self' and 'the other' to discover what works.Roy A Bowden2013 
Living in an ever-changing world.Darlyne Nemeth2013 
Research in the Conversational Model (CM).Anthony Korner2014 
Cry and responseAnthony Korner2014 
Embodied mutual meaning unfolding through time as substrate of clinical complexityStephen Malloch2014 
Self-cohesion and the Poetic ExperienceAndrew Groome2014 
Sanamente CareGianpaolo Lombardi2015 
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Animals and Psychotherapy

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Training in Psychotherapy

25 years of psychotherapy teaching and researchJoan Haliburn2012 
Exploring the intuitions of therapists, and deepening understanding how elite therapists ' just know what to do next '.Sophie Holmes2012 
Empathy in Psychotherapy - Is it a tool or a gift?Eugenijus Laurinaitis2014 
Need for more opportunities for formal psychotherapy training in AfricaSylvester Madu2015 
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Rituals in Psychotherapy

Integrating Traditional Healing Practices with Psychiatry in Sierra LeoneEdward Nahim 
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Free Psychotherapies

Dreams of home: psychotherapy with formerly homeless adultsDeborah Luepnitz2012 
The dream of providing accessible psychoanalytic psychotherapy: a time-limited and subsidised treatment format.Conrad Hauser2012 
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The Chinese Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA)

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The Practice of Psychotherapy

This section is dedicated to the general principles of the practice of psychotherapy , psychoanalysis, counseling and related practices. The content is not specific to a given model or type of practice of psychotherapy. The viewer may find that some aspects are specific to a given model of therapy while being discouraged in another . When a practice is specific to a type of psychotherapy or to a method of counseling it will be specified with each lecture. More specific lectures are found under the heading of the given practice they relate to, they can be viewed by following the left side menu.  The philosophy of  "The Psyche in Health and Illness" is to provide non judgmental and diverse perspectives.

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