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Clinical practice in Schizophrenia

Psychotherapy for psychotic patientsNeville Symington2010 
Metacognitive narrative psychotherapy for people with schizophrenia: the first phase of a longitudinal study.Robert Schweitzer2013 
Therapeutic responses to trauma in mental health careopposing paradigms or opportunities?Sabin Fernbacher2013 
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First Episode Psychosis

Keeping the Body in Mind: Exercise Physiology Services within a Community-based Early Psychosis Treatment ProgramSimon Rosenbaum2014 
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Neuroscience and Schizophrenia

Integrative Neuroscience, Brain Imaging and SchizophreniaEvian Gordon2006 
Event Related Potentials in Schizophrenia: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment.Juri Kropotov2012 
Functional Connectivity in Brain Networks Underlying Cognitive Control in Schizophrenia.Ian Harding2014 
Contrasting Chronic Schizophrenia with Frontotemporal Dementia – A Neurocognitive PerspectiveHui-Minn Chan2014 
Schizophrenia and neurodevelopment – Where do we stand today?Vibeke Catts2014 
Modeling the neurochemical prodrome in schizophrenia: Evidence from animal models.Darryl Eyles2014 
Altered cell migration in patient-derived stem cell model of schizophrenia.Alan Mackay-Sim2015 
The effect of symptomatic improvement on gamma synchrony in psychosis: a pilot study.Rebecca Koncz2015 
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Treatment of patients

The ADHES project in Spain and EMEAJosé Olivares2014 
The Use of rTMS in the Treatment of the Symptoms of SchizophreniaPaul Fitzgerald2014 
Altered epidermal growth factor receptor levels in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex may be implicated in suicidality in schizophrenia.Vaidy Swaminathan2014 
Serum epidermal growth factor levels are reduced in people with treatment resistant schizophrenia and modulated by clozapine treatment.Sinnatamby Sujeevan2014 
Common polymorphisms in dopamine related genes combine to produce a “schizophrenia-like” prefrontal hypoactivityAshley Skilleter2014 
The Epidermal Growth Factor system in schizophrenia and its relation to treatment resistanceSuresh Sundram2014 
Cerebral cortical grey matter deficits in schizophrenia and their associations with ageing, psychopathology, cognition and treatment response.Ulrich Schall2015 
Role of intracellular mediators in clozapine induced ErbB1-ERK signalling in prefrontal cortical neurons: relevance to therapeutic efficacy.Avril Pereira2015 
Maternal immune activation impacts on the kynurenine pathway in preadolescent offspring: Preventive effects of anti-inflammatory treatment.Katerina Zavitsanou2015 
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Schizophrenia and social functioning

Sustaining community-based living for adult individuals with chronic schizophrenia.Josephine Pryce2014 
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Schizophrenia, the wider picture

Is Resilience an Appropriate Concept to Attach to Schizophrenia?Sue Liersch2011 
Schizotypy and Ketamine: what can Analogue Models tell us about Semantic Memory Impairments in Schizophrenia?Erica Neill2014 
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Maternal Immune Activation Model

Enhanced LTP Persistence Associated with Memory Alteration in the Maternal Immune Activation Model of Schizophrenia.David Bilkey2014 
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Cognitive Remediation Therapy

Can you augment supported employment programs with web-based Cognitive Remediation Therapy in the Australian context? – The CogRem study.Anthony Harris2014 
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Diagnoses in Psychosis

Clinical and research diagnoses in psychosis: testing algorithms for deriving diagnoses from clinical data-sets.Grant Sara2014 
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Interaction of maternal immune activation and adolescent cannabinoid exposure enhances changes in miRNA expression in the adult entorhinal cortex.Sharon Hollins2014 
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Schizoid Personality Disorder

The Dilemmas of a Schizoid - A Mastersonian UnderstandingCandice Dumas2015 
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